Moth Dust - In Dreams

Hey there, 
It's been a hectic time at ICP (the International Center of Photography) so far. I'm pretty tired, pretty stressed, pretty frustrated... but finally, I'm seeing improvements in my work.

This project was created in a bout of sleepless frustration. The workshop in question was emotionally demanding, very academically rigorous, and after the first weekend I felt like I had very little good work at all anymore. Needless to say, it was emotionally trying but helped me grow as a photographer in a lot of ways. The goal of this project was to use the frames of my image with intent and purpose and really take accountability for every little thing in the frame, as well as really using depth of field to create meaning, and thinking about time and space. 

I have been really caught up in the boundaries of "Documentary Photography" vs "Fine Art Photography". Where does one end, and the other begin? The line used to be so clear, and now, everything is being turned on it's head. I've been trying so hard to be literal, to communicate so clearly that much of my aesthetic sense seemed to have been forgotten. This project allowed me to forget about the genre of work and just explore a topic I was interested in: the boundary between dreams and reality. 

The masks in these images represent the ego, as literally if you looked into it you would only see yourself. I wanted to create an ethereal character that visited you in your dreams, yet also seemed to be a part of yourself (just as your dream-characters really represent facets of your brain). 

One image is out of focus, but not so out of focus that you cannot determine what is going on around you. To me, this photograph represents the vagueness of dreams, the feeling of having many possibilities but the uncertainty of not knowing what lies beyond your immediate vicinity. I would like to elaborate on this concept in the future. 

This is my project. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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