Dylan Mars Greenberg & Disck Pictures presents: Amityville: Vanishing Point - Stills Photography by Moth Dust

Dylan Mars Greenberg has produced several surrealist, John Waters-esque horror films on little to no budget, is a Troma Institute for Gifted Youth Inductee, and her last film, Dark Prism, starred Mac Demarco

These images (and more) were published on Fangoria to promote the film. 

All in all, it was a fun set to be on. The entire cast is in their late teens and early twenties; often scenes are ad libbed on the spot. 

Since stills are secondary to the actual filmmaking, a photographer on a movie set must remain as out of the way and quiet as possible. The majority of the film was photographed in St. George, Staten Island, in a communal artist residency space called The Fay

The below movie poster was composited with various stills I shot on set. 


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