Moth Dust - LOOK3 Festival of The Photograph 2016 Images


I was honored to attend LOOK3 - Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, Virginia this past week.

LOOK3 hosted a curated selection of low-edition photography books, new photography cooperatives (namely, Black Box), an extraordinary number of artist talks and a panel with three of PDN's "30 under 30" photographers to give career advice to the emerging photographer. 

As I was a volunteer, I was able to assist Olivia Bee during her workshop at the EDU sessions. "Creating a Photographic Dream World" was geared towards local high school students, hand picked by their teachers, and was a full day-long event playing with portraiture on instax film outside the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center. 

Additional highlights of the festival included meeting Doug Dubois, Jon Golden, Ike Edeani, and many other esteemed editors & colleagues. 

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Moth Dust - Published: New York Times Lens Blog - Facebook Feature

Was just at the New York Times Portfolio Review this weekend! There is much to process. I've been live posting the Review from my instagram.


So grateful for all the incredible editors & photographers I met this weekend. I received some truly illuminating career advice and work critique.

A special thanks to Jim Estrin for the kind words. 


Moth Dust - Eric Garner Protests, December 4th, 2014

Edit: Photos of this post have been published on VICE Motherboard. You can check it out by clicking here

On December 4th, 2014, thousands of protestors walked throughout the streets to make a statement against the failure to indict of Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who put Eric Garner in a chokehold. He died shortly afterwards, and the coroner ruled the case a homicide.

It is one of many cases recently which have caused outrage in the public. On November 25th, 2014, Darren Wilson, a police officer who shot unarmed black man Michael Brown, had also been failed to be indicted by the Ferguson grand jury. 

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